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    100% Natural

    Beauty as it was meant by nature.

    Gemora Testimonials

    What our customers are saying about us and our crystals:

    Your gorgeous crystals help me when I'm feeling anxious § sad & help me sleep. Not to mention they're beautiful to look at. My kids like them too.

    A+ for your company, you went out of your way for me when I asked you to send me the different crystal meanings.

    It just makes me feel good. It's beautiful!!!!

    It creates positivity and calmness, and the more you look at it, the more colors you see.

    Absolutely beautiful to behold & looks amazing in every setting I tried. I settled for my bedroom in the end. I love looking at it as i'm relaxing into bed & again as I awaken.

    These are absolutely stunning pieces of art. I have no idea how you guys keep finding these but they're gorgeous! I bought a large amethyst for my husband, and I know he'll love it, he's always wanted one of these and I've never seen any more beautiful.

    I am very pleased it looks like it was packaged with love and care. I have added it to my crystal collection in my bedroom and have certainly felt the benefits from this item. Will buy some more of these big pieces.